They Teach That in College!?

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About the Author:
Andrew Morkes has been writing and editing college- and career-related publications for nearly 25 years. He is the editorial director of College & Career Press, and the former managing editor for career publications at Ferguson Publishing Company, a respected school and library reference publishing company. If you are a school and library professional, you are probably familiar with Ferguson’s top-quality publications such as the Encyclopedia of Careers & Vocational Guidance, Careers in Focus (85+-volume series), Discovering Careers (10+-volume series), What Can I Do Now? (20+-volume series), Career Discovery Encyclopedia, and The Top 100: The Fastest Growing Careers for the 21st Century. In addition to these titles, he has helped publish more than 200 other titles for the school and library reference market and served as a regular feature writer for Career Opportunities News. Andrew has been interviewed about college- and career-related topics for local and national publications such as the Allentown Daily Call, Practical Homeschooling magazine, and GameZone Online. He is also the author of more than 15 Vault Career Guides, including Accounting, Consulting, Law, and Pharmaceuticals & Biotech. Andrew is the former assistant editor of Lake & Prairie, a quarterly newsletter of the Illinois Sierra Club. His poetry has appeared in Cadence, Wisconsin Review, Poetry Motel, Strong Coffee, and Mid-America Review.

They Teach That in College!?: A Resource Guide to More Than 100 Interesting College Majors, 3rd Edition

Business and Social Sciences are the most popular college majors today, but not every student has the interest or aptitude to be successful in the fields associated with these majors. Additionally, many of these fields are glutted with graduates who are forced to take lower-paying jobs or take positions that are unrelated to their field of study. They Teach That in College!? provides information about interesting, lucrative, and cutting-edge college majors unknown to many counselors, educators, and parents. It features profiles of more than 100 college majors, course listings, potential employers, contact information for colleges and universities that offer these programs, and interviews with educators in the field. Majors and programs available at the associate, baccalaureate, and graduate levels at more than 500 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada are covered.

What’s New to the Third Edition?

  • Nearly 40 new majors have been added to the book (including Alternative Fuels, Commercial Space Operations, Computational Finance, Film Scoring, Human-Centered Design and Engineering, Mechatronics Systems Engineering, and Social Media)
  • 62 new interviews with college professors (for a total of 73 professors contributing interviews to the book)
  • Hundreds of new colleges have been added
  • All professional association and college contact information have been updated since the last edition was published in 2008.
  • Many new photos and sidebars have been added, including Dollars for College sidebars that spotlight scholarships for high school and college students

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What Reviewers Are Saying:

Library Bookwatch, February 2015
“They Teach That in College!? showcases more than 100 intriguing, unorthodox, and lesser-known college majors, such as Culinology, Expeditionary Studies, Music Therapy, Renewable Energy, and Zoo Science. Each major is spotlighted with an overview, contact information of colleges and universities that offer these majors, lists of typical classes and employers, and more. Over 60 interviews with college professors round out this exceptional and inspirational guide for surveying the possibilities of one’s future. They Teach That in College!? deserves to be in every high school and public library collection.”

School Library Journal/Curriculum Connections, August 29, 2016
“They Teach That in College!? was included in a short list of recommended books in an article titled “Life (and Learning) After High School: Exploring the Options.”

Nationally Syndicated Career Columnist Touted Our Book in a Q&A Column in the Chicago Tribune, October 9, 2016
Q. DEAR JOYCE: As a college student, I don’t know what major to choose. Help? — D.D.
A. “You’re not the lone ranger on that question. An update of a book addresses it well: They Teach That in College!?: A Resource Guide to More Than 100 Interesting College Majors, by Andrew Morkes (third edition, College & Career Press). According to the publisher, the latest edition features nearly 40 new majors plus 62 new interviews with college professors. New majors include alternative fuels, commercial space operations, computational finance, film scoring, human-centered design and engineering, mechatronics systems engineering, and social media.”

Read What Reviewers, Counselors, and Librarians Said About Past Editions:

Voice of Youth Advocates
They Teach That in College?!
was selected as A Perfect Ten by the library journal Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA). The book, along with 10 other winners, was chosen from a total of 1,223 books reviewed by VOYA as earning the highest ratings for literary quality and teen appeal.

Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch
“They Teach That in College!?: A Resource Guide to More Than 95 Interesting College Majors is just what the title says–an introspective on interesting, strange, and fully legitimate college majors that could lead readers into brand-new and interesting careers. The second edition of this title adds 40 new majors, including course listings, potential employer information, interviews, and so much more. They Teach That in College!? is highly recommended for community library collections on careers, and for anyone who is looking for a new job and wants something outside the usual.”

Independent Publisher Online
They Teach That in College!? was selected as a Highlighted Title, for “exhibiting a superior level of creativity, originality, and a high standard of design and production quality.”

The Futurist
They Teach That in College!? was listed as a New and Noteworthy Title in the magazine’s Bookshelf section. It was also referenced as source material in an article in the magazine titled, “Majoring in the Unusual: Out of the Box College Programs for Generation X.”

25 Ways to Make College Pay Off: Advice for Anxious Parents From a Professor Who’s Seen It All, by Bill Coplin
Cited as a “useful resource” by the author.

Career Opportunities News
“A fascinating book which describes colleges with interesting majors, most attuned to a career field. …Reviewing the list of college programs and their career implications could suggest some interesting options for students who are not sure of their goals in life.”

School Counselor, Boston, Massachusetts
“The second edition is loaded with interesting majors. We have found it to be an essential reference tool.”

School Counselor, Spokane, Washington
“The second edition of They Teach That in College covers a wealth of new majors! I found it to be extremely useful in educating students about cutting-edge educational paths.”