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College Spotlight (ISSN 1525-4313) is an informative, time-saving newsletter for those concerned with selecting, applying to, evaluating, and entering college. It covers admissions and other educational trends, interesting majors, admissions testing, financial aid, and much more. Subscribers include school counselors, teachers, and librarians and the students who they serve. College Spotlight is published nine times a year in a digital-only format. Here are our subscription rates:

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The CAM Report (ISSN 0745-4341) is a career resource newsletter for school counselors, teachers, and librarians and the students they serve. It covers hot and emerging careers, employment trends, workplace issues, and other topics, as well as offers advice on preparing cover letters and resumes, finding and applying for job, and other job-search tips. The CAM Report is published 20 times annually and is available in both print and digital formats. We offer the following subscription rates:

1 year/$75.00 (20 issues)
2 years/$140.00 (40 issues)—SPECIAL DISCOUNT!
3 years/$199.99 (60 issues)—SPECIAL DISCOUNT!

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Click below to purchase a copy of our STEM issue of the CAM Report. It features interesting articles about STEM occupations such as “The 10 Fastest-Growing STEM Careers That Require a Bachelor’s Degree,” “Demand Growing for Tech Workers in the Hotel Industry,” “15 Cool STEM Careers,” “Manufacturing Jobs Available for Skilled Workers,” “STEM Grads Receive High Starting Salaries,” and “STEM or STEAM?,” as well as interviews with an electrical engineer, microbiologist, aerospace engineer, astronomer, computer engineer, and the director of admissions at Pittsburgh Institute
of Aeronautics (who discusses the excellent career opportunities that are available in aviation technology).

Testimonials/Reviews Regarding College Spotlight Testimonials/Reviews Regarding the CAM Report
“College Spotlight delivers up-to-date reporting on career-related education resources that high school students need to make promising choices.”
Joyce Lain Kennedy, Tribune Media Services

“In this hectic and fast-paced world, counselors and educators need all the help they can get learning about college counseling resources. College Spotlight does just that! Every counselor who works with college-bound students should have a subscription to this timely, relevant, and reader-friendly resource.”
Frank Burtnett, Ed.D., Education Now

“Saves us lots of time.”
School Counselor, Los Angeles, California

“What college to choose and what programs to examine are topics that are increasingly complex for high school students. College Spotlight will help them and their counselors in a way that no other publication really does.”
Essential Resources for Schools and Libraries

“We love it and find it very useful!”
School Counselor, New York

Director, Upward Bound

“A very useful compendium for the professional in education or career counseling who does not have the time to keep up with all the current periodicals.”Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color Is Your Parachute

“Your newsletter is the best of its kind. You have the rare ability to gather information from a thousand different sources and sense what career planners need.”

Howard E. Figler, author of seven books, including The Complete Job-Search Handbook and Keys to Liberal Arts Success

And other comments from subscribers:

“I’m thrilled to have this material at my fingertips. I’m certain that many counselors and guidance directors feel the same way as I do–GRATEFUL!”

“We counselors get tons of literature and the CAM Report is one of the few that I take the time to read through carefully.”

“We look forward to our copy of your newsletter and fight over who will read it first.”