Nontraditional Careers for Women & Men

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Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men: More Than 30 Great Jobs for Women and Men With Apprenticeships Through PhDs

Women have made great strides regarding gender equality and equal pay in the workplace. But there are many high-paying, fast-growing fields that young women still may not be aware of as exciting career options. The U.S. Department of Labor classifies nontraditional careers for women as those in which 25 percent or less of the people working in that particular career are female. Educational requirements for these rewarding jobs range from apprenticeship training to graduate degrees. There are 22 nontraditional careers for women in the book, including Aircraft Pilots, Architects, Automotive Service Mechanics, Carpenters, Chief Executives, Chiropractors, Civil Engineers, Computer Software Engineers, Construction and Building Inspectors, Construction Managers, Cost Estimators, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Electricians, Engineering Technicians, Firefighters, Industrial Engineers, Police Officers, Stone Workers, and Surveyors.

There are also many rewarding careers that are not traditionally sought-after by male workers. This book features 9 fast-growing careers in which fewer than 20 percent of males are employed. They include Dental Hygienists, Elementary and Middle School Teachers, Health Information Management Specialists, Medical Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Paralegals, Registered Nurses, Special Education Teachers, and Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

In each career article, we provide an overview of the career and typical work environments, recommended high school classes and activities, educational requirements, personal skills, methods of exploring the career while still in high school, tips on landing a job, typical employers, information on the employment outlook and hot specialties, and contact information for professional associations (including those for female or male workers). The book also features interviews with women and men who have excelled in these careers. They provide advice to young people who are contemplating careers in nontraditional fields. Other features include photographs and useful sidebars that feature books, websites, fun facts about the field, and other helpful information.

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What Reviewers Are Saying:

Booklist, June 2012
“Broken down into 22 careers for women and 9 careers for men, this book features detailed descriptions of education requirements, potential employers, employment outlook, and earnings. Particularly interesting are the interviews with people currently in the field. Useful appendixes include professional organizations and a listing of other nontraditional careers to consider…This work does a fine job highlighting careers that may not immediately spring to mind for the student or second-career seeker. Recommended for public libraries and college/university career-planning centers.”

Small Press Bookwatch, April 2012
“What may be someone’s future may be something they never expected. Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men discusses growing nontraditional careers…for both men and women. From women breaking gender barriers as firefighters and police officers, to men serving as nurses or lower-level education teachers and much more…Nontraditional Careers for Women and Men is a choice pick for job hunters and career reference collections.”